Direct synthesis of ZSM-5 from kaolin and the influence of organic template

Didik Prasetyoko, Rustam Rustam, Ratna Ediati, Berty Septiyana, Yusuf Muhammad Zein, Hasliza Bahruji, Imroatul Qoniah, Hartati Hartati, Hadi Nur


We investigated the transformation of kaolin to ZSM-5 using hydrothermal synthesis method and the influence of organic template as a structure-directing agent.  The formation of ZSM-5 from kaolin occurred via dissolution of kaolin to form amorphous silica. Zeolite-like analcime produced when the hydrothermal treatment was extended to 18 h. We found synergistic effect of using a mixture of TPAOH and TPABr organic template to enhance kaolin dissolution, initiate ZSM-5 formation and inhibit the transformation of ZSM-5 to analcime.


Crystallization time, kaolin, phase transformation, TPABr, TPAOH, ZSM-5

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